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Protecting patients’ lives with connected healthcare you can trust.


From surgical robots to “smart hospitals” to wearable medical devices and virtual doctor visits, new technology is revolutionizing healthcare. But with patients’ health and lives at stake, even the most innovative products must still meet stringent industry standards for safety and security. At the same time, developers are under intense pressure to accelerate time-to-market and reduce costs. Wind River® is helping medical technology developers meet these challenges to usher in a new era of innovation, operating efficiency, and improved patient care.

How Wind River Can Help

Wind River delivers a comprehensive set of solutions that enable medical technology
providers and their customers to start reaping the benefits of digital transformation.


Trust medical devices to the industry’s leading real-time operating system, offering a complete, secure RTOS solution with all the documentation necessary to facilitate approvals from regulatory agencies worldwide.

Wind River Linux

Choose the Linux that offers more: Our Yocto Project Compatible open source operating system is feature-rich in tools, management, security, and graphics—important for medical device screens that require clarity and readability.

Wind River Titanium Control

Consolidate healthcare systems onto one ultra-reliable, feature-complete virtual infrastructure, so you can find important patient feedback at a glance and have the flexibility to run what you need when you need it.

Wind River Professional Services

Unlock the full potential of Wind River solutions, show compliance with FDA-mandated cybersecurity guidelines, and reduce the risk and time associated with integrating new technologies.