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Altia Inc

Altia's mission is to help manufacturers move great user interfaces from the artist's imagination to the lowest cost hardware in the shortest amount of time. The company provides powerful, professional-grade embedded system GUI development tools that help creative, customer-focused designers and software engineers build and deliver game-changing user interfaces. This model based approach allows companies to develop a UI in half the typical development time and provides early testing as well as test automation of user interface software.

Altia, Inc. provides an HMI editor and graphics code generation software that targets Wind River operating systems

Altia Inc. provides concept-to-code user interface engineering software that can connect to devices in automotive, medical, consumer and industrial applications that are driven by Wind River operating systems.

Wind River and Altia customers like Medtronic, Inc. can prototype and deploy innovative embedded products in 50% less time than traditional hand-coding methods.

  • Industry-leading tool for HMI development
  • Reduced engineering time (average 50%)
  • Supports low end processors to high end systems
  • Efficient C source code minimizes RAM and saves BOM cost
  • Advanced features for global language support

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Altia Inc
7222 Corporate Plaza Drive, Suite 240, Colorado Springs, CO, United States, 80919
(719) 598-4299

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