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Sensify Security, Inc

Sensify Security delivers decentralized identity and access management services for heterogeneous IoT operations with centralized control, policy management, and compliance. Sensify enables operators to control access between users, devices, applications, and data by hosting information security services within their operating environments. Sensify's blockchain-based consensus protocol builds high levels of tamper resistance into these services in conjunction with industrial-scale control of policies and compliance, ensuring business continuity across all managed sites. Sensify has partnered with industrial vendors and operators across verticals like utilities, oil & gas, and transportation to secure industrial and commercial operating environments.

Sensify's intelligent IoT security services for the edge are delivered through the Wind River IoT gateway and cloud platforms

Sensify's products are built to address key cybersecurity challenges for highly decentralized industrial and commercial IoT environments. Our technology uniquely addresses these environments by providing identity and access management for devices, users, and applications over networks with intermittent connectivity. Sensify ensures secure and continuous operation in the event of a cyber attack or intermittent connectivity. With Sensify and Wind River, IoT can thrive without compromising security.

Sensify's decentralized approach to delivering security services for industrial and commercial operators:

  • Scales cybersecurity for IoT digital services, applications, and smart devices by delivering identity and authentication services through autonomous edge gateways
  • Delivers advanced access control services to heterogeneous devices and industrial networks with consistent security policies, compliance, and policy control standards
  • Ensures business continuity and SecOps over intermittent networks while having central management of policy, control, and compliance reporting

Company Info

Sensify Security, Inc
720 University Ave, Suite 200, Palo Alto, CA, United States, 94301
(650) 234-0400

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Aerospace & Defense

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Wind River Linux
Wind River Helix Device Cloud